Restroom Deodorization System

Always clean and fresh-smelling restrooms. The deodorization system provides well-being both to employees and customers. It eliminates the agents causing bad odors at their source, 24 hours a day.

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Air Freshener System

Delicately scented atmospheres. Create a fresh and pleasant environment. Programmable dosage according to your needs.

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Feminine Hygienic Waste Disposal System

The system provides a clean, efficient and discreet solution. Our ladies hygiene waste disposal system will make a difference at your organization. It neutralizes bacteria and prevents toilet and pipe blockage.

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Dust and Dirt Control System

Your image is reflected on your floors. Our mops and mats keep floors cleaner for longer periods of time. Our system enhances floor shine and reduces the frequency of down washing and polishing. The dirt and dust control system prevents dirt and dust entrance.

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Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies Provision System

Our Integral System allows you to save time and money by unifying suppliers. It is convenient as it provides counseling and tailored solutions, supplies’ stock follow-up, scheduled delivery differential service, and the best personalized customer service.

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