Olfactory Marketing: about this trend

Olfactory marketing constitutes an effective marketing strategy which intends to associate a specific fragrance to the core values a Company, client or product wishes to transmit. This technique employs fragrances in order to cause a determined effect or create a differential purchase experience. In this way, it revalues the brand at the point of sale, transmits values and causes a favorable reaction in consumers.

Olfactory marketing works as a stimulation technique capable of recalling past memories and emotions, taking into account that fragrances have the power of reminiscence in the blink of an eye. This makes “olfactory” communication much more powerful than the visual or auditory ones.

The effectiveness of olfactory marketing is reflected in results, the most outstanding advantages being the ones named below.

In general, it has been proved that shops adopting signature scents, increase sales by 25% more than shops that don’t.

This kind of marketing strengthens the brand positioning and motivates clients to identify and relate the brand to quality, sophistication, elegance and vanguard, among others.

It increases productivity by 15%. The clients will remain longer in the place and they will perceive the products in a positive way, influencing considerably their decision to buy.

It increases employees’ performance: it enhances mental focus, reduces fatigue and stress and increases productivity. It has been proven that it generates 21% less mistakes and that it improves interpersonal relations

In this way, olfactory marketing strengthens a bond that is beneficial both to the client and the brand.

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