UV Air Purifier Pro-Tec 40

Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and significantly reduces them on exposed surfaces, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

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WindPro Turbo Hand Dryer

An efficient solution for restrooms. Comes with a high efficiency antibacterial (HEPA) filter that removes up to 99% of contaminating particles. Reduces the use of paper improving the corporate image and collaborating with the care of the environment.

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ProHygiene Sanitizing Bact-Off Mat

They guarantee more hygienic and healthy environments. Experience a greater perception of care from your staff and from the visitors who enter your establishment.

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Restroom Deodorization System

Controls the proliferation of bacteria, reducing contamination in toilets and urinals. More hygienic and healthy environments, providing greater comfort and assurance.

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Air Scenting System

The correct aromatization enhances the perception of hygiene in business premises. A pleasant aroma promotes the sense of a cared for and safe space, generating comfort and improving moods.

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Feminine Hygienic Waste Disposal System

It ensures an adequate treatment of the waste and prevents the spread of bacteria, eliminating risks and bad odors. It distinguishes your organization and provides care and well-being to women.

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Dust and Dirt Control System

Our sweeping mops and entrance mats reduce dust in suspension generating a more hygienic and healthier environment. The mops collect and retain dust while the mats are a barrier for the entry and transfer of dust from one place to another.

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What differentiates us is our unique integral ProHygiene System consisting of personal customer attention, provided by our account executives, and regular visits by our specialized technicians, who conduct the maintenance and control of all the hygiene devices, guaranteeing optimum performance of each of our Systems, 365 days a year. Ask for a free trial of our products today!

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