Restroom Deodorization System

Hygienic and healthy restrooms 24 hours a day

The problem of a poorly sanitized restroom and its health risks

Badly sanitized toilets and urinals are a source of contamination, generating bad odors and increasing health risks.

When a poorly sanitized toilet or urinal flush is activated, micro-droplets of water with a high content of contamination are projected into the air and onto surfaces.
In urinals, splashes project urine and bacterial contamination onto the floor. This contamination is transferred to other areas of your organization through the soles of shoes. In turn, a foul-smelling toilet is associated with dirty and unkept environments.

ProHygiene has the solution

Hygiene care is health care. Our ProHygiene Deodorizer + AntiSplash Urinal Screen are a combination of effective products: they control the proliferation of bacteria from their source, reducing contamination in toilets and urinals.

At the same time, the AntiSplash Urinal Screen avoids urine splashes on the floor and on other surfaces, making a healthier environment and preventing the transfer of this contamination through footsteps.

How does it work?

Our continuous operation dispenser expels, through a drip system, a powerful deodorizer into the toilet or urinal, every day and for 24 hours.

Your customers or staff will never be in contact with the product, since our technicians are responsible the maintenance, periodic refilling of each of the dispensers and the replacement of the urinal screens.

Our highly concentrated deodorizer exerts a powerful bacteriostatic action, preventing the proliferation of bacteria in restroom fixtures.

The liquid deodorizer, when accumulated, has a bactericidal action. In periods where restrooms are not in use, the liquid deodorizer accumulates in the toilets and urinals. This generates the concentration of active agents that act as a broad-spectrum disinfectant against viruses and bacteria.

Our System includes:
• Provision of products of excellence.
• Advice and personalized attention provided by our Account Executives.
• Maintenance and periodic control provided by our Technicians.

Benefits of our System

  It avoids the proliferation of bacteria, achieving more hygienic and healthy restrooms.

  It complements and enhances manual cleaning by reaching where it cannot.

  It keeps the environment free of bad odors 24 hours a day.

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What differentiates us is our unique integral ProHygiene System consisting of personal customer attention, provided by our account executives, and regular visits by our specialized technicians, who conduct the maintenance and control of all the hygiene devices, guaranteeing optimum performance of each of our Systems, 365 days a year. Ask for a free trial of our products today!

The best comprehensive Hygiene solution

ProHygiene has solutions for every environment, and combined they achieve an integral hygiene system that enhances your commitment to customer and employee care.

The Deodorizers together with the AntiSplash Urinal Screens along with the Air Fresheners and the Feminine Hygiene Containers, provide the best and most complete hygiene solution for your restrooms.

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