ProHygiene Sanitizing Bact-Off Mat

A disinfection solution for your facilities.

People enter dirt from the outside, or from other spaces, through the sole of their shoes.

Various types of chemical and biological contaminants can be adhered to them, which is why new safety protocols require certain precautions.

ProHygiene has the solution

ProHygiene´s Sanitizing Bact-Off Mats take care of hygiene to provide healthier spaces. They are strategically placed at access points forming a barrier that prevents the entry of germs attached to the soles of shoes.


ProHygiene Bact-Off mats work as an optimal disinfection system through 5 disposable cloths soaked in an exclusive ProHygiene Disinfectant Solution with Quaternary Ammonium, which eliminates 99,9% of viruses and bacteria.

Size: 2×3’ (60x90cm)

Our hygiene solution is maximized when placing our Retention Mat immediately after the Bact-off Mat, so users can remove the excess of moisture from the soles.

Instructions for use
1. Stand still on the ProHygiene Bact-Off Mat for a minimum of 10 seconds.
2.Walk on the Retention Mat and rub your feet to remove excess moisture.

Our System is a unique rental service which includes:
– Provision of products of excellence.
– Advice and personalized attention provided by our Account Executives.
– Maintenance and periodic control provided by our specialized Technicians.

Benefits of our System

Removes germs from footwear before entering a place.

 Increased perception of customer and staff care.

More hygienic and healthy environments.

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The best comprehensive Hygiene solution

ProHygiene has solutions for every environment, and combined they achieve an integral hygiene system that enhances your commitment to customer and employee care.

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