Dust and Dirt Control System

Dust and dirt-free environments are healthier spaces.

Dust, an invisible enemy.

Suspended dust is commonly inhaled through the nose and mouth and lodges in nostrils, larynx and lungs. The World Health Organization associates airborne dust with allergies and illnesses, of lesser or greater severity.

How is part of the suspended dust generated?

Human traffic, cartwheels and inadequate vacuuming or sweeping systems cause the dust deposited on surfaces to be lifted back into the air.

This promotes spaces contaminated by chemical and biological particles that use dust as a means of transportation.

At the same time, people bring dust from the outside, or from other areas, through the soles of their shoes.

ProHygiene has the solution

Our Dust Control System consists of the provision and replacement of sweeping Mops and entrance mats to be used by your cleaning staff, that reduce airborne dust particles and contribute to create hygienic and healthy environments.

When combined they function as a barrier preventing dust from coming in and from going back to the air once it settles.

How does it work?

ProHygiene mops offer efficient and economical sweeping as they retain dust and prevent it from going back to the air. They are flat sweepers with 5 rows of 100% pure cotton fringes that retain more than twice as much as other mops.

Each of them is impregnated with a ProHygiene dust sequestrant, whose exclusive formula provides maximum dust retention and is boosted with a bacteriostatic agent, which prevents bacterial development in the retained dust.

Our mops are the only ones that have a base with its own weight that allows for uniform support and a 360º turning head, ideal for cleaning stairs and corners where other tools cannot reach. In addition, they come in 5 different sizes that allow for proper use in both small and large areas.

ProHygiene mats are strategically placed on different surfaces, since they prevent the entry of dust and dirt that are attached to the soles of the shoes.

The matas are made of 100% high-twist nylon fibers that produce a brush effect on the sole of the shoes. As it is 100% nylon, static is produced retaining up to 80% of the dust in the mat.

They have a non-slip 8mm thick rubber base that prevents it from moving and allows for a perfect opening of all types of doors. At the same time, they dress your entrance making it more attractive.

The Customer must not invest in Products or their maintenance

The unique aspect of the ProHygiene system is that our technical staff will regularly pick up the dirty mops and mats in use, replacing them periodically with clean and treated ones, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the products

If we reduce airborne dust we take care of hygiene, and if we take care of hygiene, we take care of health.

 Our System includes a unique service:
• Provision of products of excellence.
• Advice and personalized attention provided by our Account Executives.
• Maintenance and periodic control provided by our Technicians.

Benefits of our System

Treated Mops:
•  Maximum retention of dust on floors, preventing its suspension.
•  Easy, practical and economical cleaning.
•  More hygienic and healthy spaces.

Entrance Mats:
•  Barrier against the entry of dust from the outside.
•  Keep your floors clean for longer.
•  They dress the entrance of your premises, making it more attractive.

The best comprehensive higiene solution

ProHygiene has solutions for every environment, and combined they achieve an integral hygiene system that enhances your commitment to customer and employee care.

Our mops and mats together with the ProHygiene Air Scenting System provide a comprehensive solution for your organization, achieving hygienic and healthy spaces and generating greater comfort and security.

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What differentiates us is our unique integral ProHygiene System consisting of personal customer attention, provided by our account executives, and regular visits by our specialized technicians, who conduct the maintenance and control of all the hygiene devices, guaranteeing optimum performance of each of our Systems, 365 days a year. Ask for a free trial of our products today!

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