WindPro Turbo Hand Dryer

An economic and efficient solution for hand drying.

The importance of correct hand drying

Wet hands promote the growth of viruses and bacteria, generating possible health issues. Proper hand washing and drying highly reduces these risks.

ProHygiene has the solution

The ProHygiene WindPro Turbo Hand Dryer constitutes a clean and efficient solution for restrooms. Eliminates paper waste, improving your corporate image and collaborating with environmental care.

How does it work?

ProHygiene´s WindPro Turbo Hand Dryer uses intense air flows to dry hands, avoiding contact with surfaces or paper towels. It comes with a high efficiency (HEPA) antibacterial filter that retains 99% of bacteria and contaminating particles that could be present in the air that flows through it.

Our System is a unique rental service which includes:
– Provision of products of excellence.
– Advice and personalized attention provided by our Account Executives.
– Maintenance and periodic control provided by our specialized Technicians.

Benefits of our System

It has a high efficiency HEPA antibacterial filter that retains 99% of bacteria that could be present in the air that flows through it.

 Reduces the generation of waste and its further disposal, sensibly lowering the costs associated with the drying of hands.

New technology that reduces drying time.

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The best comprehensive Hygiene solution

ProHygiene has solutions for every environment, and combined they achieve an integral hygiene system that enhances your commitment to customer and employee care.

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