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We are a leading brand with a track-record of more than 25 years. We offer professional hygiene systems to more than 15 countries throughout America. We provide services to small and big companies alike, well-known chain restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and airports. Thousands of clients have preferred our services.

Our Products

Eliminates the odors of your customers´ restrooms 24 hours a day. Clean and fresh-smelling restrooms at all times proving well-being for employees and customers.

Delicately scented atmospheres. Create a fresh and pleasant environment. Programmable dosage according to your needs.

A clean, discreet and secure solution designed for women. Distinguish your premises by handling a sensitive and intimate matter with care and professionalism. The system neutralizes bacteria causing bad odors and prevents toilet and pipe blockage

Professionalism, commitment and excellence.


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Over 50,000 Satisfied Clients


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We are committed to improving your well-being, by providing an integral hygiene solution tailored to your needs.


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